My Prescription For Beauty


Kimo Bentley has spent the past 15 years working alongside world famous plastic surgeons to perfect her skills in the most cutting edge technology in skin, scalp and full body rejuvenation treatments. This has been a passion which has been in her since she was a very young child, always in the kitchen mixing things together and applying them on anyone who would try her concoctions.

Initially going to school for general accounting which she hated, Kimo decided to try her hand in the fashion industry. She designed show rooms and was an intern for the Ralph Lauren and Polo Sport company. Still unable to find her calling so she decided to return to school for Health care services.

On this journey she stumbled upon the cosmetic/esthetic industry after being hired at Bosley Medical Center as a hair transplant technician working on many celebrities who frequented the industry for rejuvenation purposes. At the height of her accomplishments she decided to go back to school and specialize in Esthetic skincare and spa management which she then graduated at the top of her class. 

She finally found her calling…

Currently she is pursuing a Masters in Esthetics and is constantly reinventing herself as she creates new and exciting products and introducing new technology to the United States and the Caribbean. Her passion and love for beautiful healthy skin makes her one of the most sought after skin care specialist in the industry to this present day. She provides spa set up services, clinical direction as well as one on one training and consultations with doctors and their staff. She ushers in the promise of her very own prescription for beauty.

Mission statement:  “Always putting face First” 

 Our goal is to:




4. Protect

These four simple steps can be used on any skin type, texture and color. At myprescriptionforbeauty we create your own individual treatment regimen no matter what your issue is. Complimentary skincare consultations are usually recommended.  

Our products

At myprescriptionforbeauty we have fused technology and ayuveric treatments and created the perfect blend that is not too harsh on the skin yet extremely effective. We have an extensive assortment of soy based candles, beauty bars, bath salts, liquid cleansers, moisturizers, gourmet shea butter, hydrating body mists, body wash, and bubble bath.